Daily Deal Azon: Amazon Gold Box WordPress Plugin

Add urgency to an Amazon affiliate WordPress site with time-sensitive countdown gold box deal timers
Daily Deal Azon - Countdown Timer Gold Box Deal WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates
Completely customize the design and layout of your deal ads with pre-built styles or create your own from scratch
Our flexible plugin options allow you to easily target specific niches of ads and show the exact information you want to show with each ad
Create customized deal ads for Amazon, other affiliate networks, and even your own personal products

Daily Deal Azon Plugin Demos
  • Out-of-Box Ads – See how Daily Deal Azon generates ads straight out of the box.
  • Auto Rotate Ads – This demo uses another ad design style. It also uses a sidebar widget and auto-rotating ads.
  • Non-Amazon Custom Ad – This is a custom deal ad for a non-affiliate product. It is a single ad inserted into this one page using a shortcode.
  • Custom Amazon Ad – This is another custom ad, but it has been included in the normal auto-rotating ads. It is also an ad for another Amazon product, but not one of the products found in the special deal database.
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